SPCA seizes 140 dogs, puppies, cats from Fannin County property

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HONEY GROVE, Tex. (KXII) -- The SPCA of Texas seized 140 animals from a Honey Grove property off Martin and Commerce on Saturday.

The SPCA, along with the Fannin County Sheriff's Office and the Honey Grove Police Department, said they seized 117 dogs, 21 puppies and two cats from the property.

Maura Davies from the SPCA of Texas said they were allegedly running a puppy mill and mistreating more than 100 animals.

"Upon seeing those conditions, we agreed it was in the animals best interest to seize them," Davies said.

She said the discovery was made while CPS was visiting the property on an unrelated matter. They saw the living conditions for the animals and called authorities.

"The dogs were found in filthy cages, crates, and kennels, and in many cases, those were feces and urine filled," she said. "Many of them stacked on top of each other."

Along with the disgusting conditions, the animals were also suffering from health problems.

"In terms of the physical conditions, they were suffering from various health conditions including matted fur, fur loss, fleas, dental issues, long nails, hair issues, tumors," Davies said. "And actually roaches were found crawling all over the place, all over the animals, as we were preparing them for transport."

The animals were taken to a Dallas animal shelter. There will be a custody hearing in Bonham next Friday, Jan. 12, at 4 p.m. to find out where the dogs and cats will stay.

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