SPCA of Texas seizes 42 animals from Pottsboro property

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POTTSBORO, Texas (KXII) -- Three people were arrested after 42 animals were seized from a Pottsboro property over the weekend.

Pottsboro police said a complaint about animals living in cruel conditions led them to the house.

They said they gave the owner 48 hours to clean their kennels and the grounds, and give them more food and water. When he didn't, the animals were seized.

"Overall it's very sad," SPCA Communications Manager Victoria Albrecht said. "No one wants to see an animal suffer."

Law enforcement said they found 32 rabbits, one of them dead, six dogs, two ferrets and two birds. All of those animals were removed from a mobile home in Pottsboro.

"Living in cruelly confined cages, malnourished, slightly ill, living in their own feces, little to no access to water or any protection from the elements outside," Albrecht said.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas said the animals also had various health issues like hair loss and flea infestation.

After getting a complaint, Pottsboro police called the SPCA, and with the help of their investigator and the Grayson County Sheriff's Office, they got a warrant to remove the animals Saturday.

"A warrant was issued and due to the nature of this situation, we felt it was best for us to immediately remove the animals from this horrible situation," Albrecht said.

Police said the owner, 54-year-old Dennis Moon, was arrested on charges of cruelty to animals. They said he also violated city ordinances.

"We tried to work with him, gave him 48 hours to correct the problems, he failed to do so, so we did return and placed him under arrest," Pottsboro Police Chief Shone Nix said.

The seizure not only led to Moon's arrest, police said they also found drug paraphernalia and arrested two other people in the home for possession, 43-year-old Cathy Bates and 47-year-old Christopher Bates.

The SPCA said they're just glad someone tipped off law enforcement.

"It's very sad and unacceptable, these animals, they don't have a voice and they need us to be their voice," Albrecht said.

Moon has bonded out of jail.

The animals are being evaluated at a rescue center right now. In order for the SPCA to gain full rights to the animals, they will have to win the custody hearing next Monday.

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