Safety tips on how to protect your bank information at ATM's

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- After recent reports of an ATM compromised at the First Convenience Bank in Walmart, it has some residents worried about using ATM's on a regular basis.

"I'm worried about it all the time when we use these ATMs," ATM user David Palmer said. "In fact, my card just got cut off two weeks ago because somebody had hacked the account."

"You know you just don't like jumping out of your car and running up there and punching in numbers and someone can run up behind you and who knows what might happen," resident Julie Morgan said.

ATM scammers use a device called a skimmer.

Skimmers are used to put in the ATM machines for when debit or credit cards slide in the machine, they can access their account information.

Sherman Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton said one of the best ways to know if an ATM machine is safe to use is compare it to other ones.

That way you know if you visually see any differences to avoid using it.

"One thing we also suggest is assume that anytime you're using an ATM or a debit card or a gas card at a station," Hampton said. "A lot of times what they will do is not only will they put a skimmer but they will have a hidden camera and what they are trying to do is capture the pin number that you're typing in. So the best thing to do is to cover it up."

Hampton says that it is safer to use ATM's in a more crowded place like the inside of a store so there's less of a chance for a scammer to put their devices in the machines.

"Cause a lot of time what they end up doing is they end up driving up, putting that device on, letting it run for a day or two, and they go back and retrieve that information and download it onto a laptop and that's when they start cloning the credit cards," Hampton said.

And lastly to make sure you report it to your bank and the police so that they can investigate it and put your hard earned money back in your pockets.

Hampton did tell us that it's not common to see ATM scammers around the area and any hackings are usually caught quickly.

He says that what happened with the ATM's at the First Convenience Bank in Sherman has not been confirmed if a skimmer was used.

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