Sales tax renewal on the ballot for Marshall County residents

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - The one cent sales tax benefits AllianceHealth Madill, a facility that's owned by the county but is managed by Alliance Health.

Marshall County Commissioner Josh Cantrell says the tax is set to expire in April.

"Marshall County is at it's 2% max level with this included so this is just a continuation of what we've been doing for the past 20 years," Cantrell said.

The money goes toward capital expenses, like maintenance work,
and indigent care - which covers medical expenses for low income residents who qualify for the Marshall County Health Plan.

Chief Administrative Officer Tracy Byers says for the past ten years the tax brought in about $14.5 million, more than $4.8 million funded indigent care.

Buyers says they're currently working on expanding the 25-bed hospital, using funds from the tax to help pay for it.

"We're just wanting to build rooms that meet modern standards, have bathrooms and some of the medical devices that newer rooms would have that ours are not able to," Byers.

Some voters support renewing the tax.

"Marshall county hospital is a small hospital but it's a nice, little hospital and it's good when you have an emergency," Jerry King said.

While others would rather get a break at the bank.

"There's hospitals closer but the sales tax for a small community like this is too high and we just need lesser tax," Sharon Bates said.

We're told the hospital will remain open whether this vote passes or fails, only the Marshall County Health Plan would need alternative funding - or it could come to an end.

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