Salvation Army bell ringer with cerebral palsy finds strength through service

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It's a sound that fills the Christmas season all over the nation, volunteers ringing bells to bring in donations.

For 55-year-old Jerry Booker, "doing the most good" has been his mission as a Salvation Army soldier for the past 17 years.

"It's just really a blessing," Jerry Booker said.

But for Jerry, standing and ringing a bell is not as simple as it sounds.

Jerry has acute cerebral palsy, a developmental disability that affects movement, posture and coordination.

Standing for hours and ringing a bell should be a seemingly impossible task for Jerry, but that very same task is what he said gives him the most strength.

"I don't let my cerebral palsy interfere, I just do the best job that I can do and leave it all in God's hands," Jerry said.

Jerry works all year long as a volunteer for the Salvation Army of Grayson County.

"He volunteers wherever there's an opportunity, if you look for the Salvation Army, you're usually gonna find Jerry," Tex Ellis said.

Major Tex Ellis with the Salvation Army of Grayson County calls Jerry's dedication an inspiration.

"He knows everybody and everybody knows Jerry, he doesn't let any limitation stop him," Ellis said.

There's a lot to learn from Jerry's spirit.

Whether he's ringing the bell or working at the gas station, friends said his smile and positive spirit is guaranteed to make your day.

"Having someone like Jerry in our community is just a blessing in itself," Ellis said.

"I don't do it for the popularity, I just do it because the Lord gives me the strength and I'm blessed and I just love doing it," Jerry said.