Santa Claus is coming to town

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"Paris is built on traditions, that's what we do here in Paris. That's what the community is known for," said Santa supporter Britney Drake.

Santa in the square is a favorite tradition of more than just the kids in Paris.

Tony Clark takes his role as Saint Nick very seriously.

"Many of the children that I was involved with being their Santa when they were children, now they're grown and have children of their own," said Clark.

When he took to Facebook on Monday to explain he would not be at the Santa hut this year due to scheduling conflicts, Parisians weren't having it.

"He's not just your department store Santa that you just go up there and take a picture with him. He actually spends time with the kids," said Drake.

The City of Paris and Clark both expressed their disappointment through statements and finally reached an agreement Wednesday to reinstate the time honored treasure.

"There's more to being a Santa than just some guy, big fat guy putting on a red suit and a beard. I think there's more to that and it's just, I think it's who I am and it's what I do," said Clark.

It's not the only hurdle this jolly old elf has faced this year.

He's also battling kidney failure.

"I didn't think I'd be able to do this this year. Doctors told me I wouldn't be able to do it. But here I am," said Clark.

Clark credits his faith for his ongoing recovery, something that makes his friends treasure him more.

"You don't find a Santa Claus that really talks about Jesus," said Drake.

Clark says it's nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

"Santa's alive and well and Santa will be here to see each and every one of you this year at Christmas," said Clark.

The people of Paris say they're just happy Santa will be back again this Christmas.

"He just has that special touch. He just adds that magic that Paris is known for and what we love. And that's why we call him our Paris Santa Claus," said Drake.

"They believe in Santa and there's always a Santa as long as you believe," said Clark.

**Tony Clark's Public Santa Dates**
December 2, 12-2 Simply Dash Boutique 2401 Lamar Grand Opening
December 9, 10-12 Mill at Brew la-la coffee shop Cooper, Tx
December 9, 1-3 Paris Harley Davidson
December 14, 4-6 Haute Totz Children's Clothing Store, Tyler, Tx
December 16, 12-2 The T-Shirt Shop - Paris, Tx
December 19, 3-5 The T-Shirt Shop Paris, Tx
December 21, Gaurenty Bank on Lamar Paris 1-3
December 16, Breakfast with Santa Paris. 9-10:30
**Tony Clark's Santa Hut Dates**
December 10, 12:30-3:30
December 17, 1:00 - 4:00