Santa Claus spreads cheer while social distancing at Sherman Dairy Queen

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - Santa Claus himself stopped by a local Dairy Queen Monday to help spread some joy during this time of uncertainty.

"And seeing Santa? It was really cool," said one man.

Santa Claus said he's been helping out local businesses by waving at cars and getting attention.

Mr. Claus said he's been doing it for 462 years, but he's been in Texas for 6 years.

He said it's something he does to give back to the community, completely free of charge.

"It's such an uplifting thing that he's doing here today, you know? He's spreading joy, just standing and smiling at people, and waving at my customers, and it's like, who couldn't use that right now?" said owner Andrea Sroufe.

Sroufe and her family have owned this Dairy Queen restaurant for years.

She said they survived the recession in 2008, but this coronavirus pandemic is something different.

"I'm trying to stay positive during this time," Sroufe said.

Sroufe said Santa came to her, asking if he could help.

"And he told me, 'I just want to do my part,' and you know if we all had that attitude - just be kind to people during this time," Sroufe said.

Joy is exactly what Mr. Claus brought Monday.

"Oh yeah, we've been self quarantining, so getting out and seeing Santa was cool! It was really cool," said one couple.

"[I'm] here for the kids and their family. Just trying to encourage everybody," Mr. Claus said.