Scammer posing as law enforcement in Fannin Co.

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FANNIN COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - The Fannin County Sheriff's Office is warning of a scammer using their name.

A Fannin County woman said when she picked up the phone Wednesday, the caller claimed to be Lt. Frank Deater at the Fannin County Sheriff's Office.

"He was explaining I had missed a jury summons for federal court back in January, and he proceeded to tell me I had a warrant for my arrest," the woman said.

The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, told us in a phone interview the caller said if she didn't pay $500, preferably in five, $100 Visa gift cards, she would be arrested.

"He said my jury summons was Jan. 1, and I was in Houston that whole month. It's possible I could've gotten a summons and the kids threw it out or something," she said.

She says he was convincing--even faking scanner noise in the background, and pretending to issue amber alerts.

"He was on the phone for 2 hours, we couldn't get him off," she said. "He already had my social, he already had my driver's license information, so yeah, it's pretty nerve-wracking."

The real Lt. Deater said he was angry about the imposter.

"It was not me making the phone calls and requesting payment," Deater said.

Deater said the imposter had called the sheriff's office Wednesday, asking for the name of the supervisor on duty.

It happened to be him.

So far, only one woman has fallen for the scam and her bank stopped the transaction.

The woman we spoke with said she didn't fall for it.

"It's frustrating, it's aggravating, maddening," Deater said. "It's your name out there-- it's your identity."

Deater said the suspect could be charged with felony impersonation of a peace officer.

The Fannin County Sheriff's Office says they are not making these calls. They ask anyone who receives one to contact them.