Scammers imitating law enforcement

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MURRAY COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - The Murray County Sheriff's office is warning residents about a scam caller claiming to be with the department.

The sheriff's office says it has received reports of a woman using the sheriff's office phone number, saying her name is Officer Paisley.

This Officer Paisley is telling folks to meet her at the Sheriff's office.

The Sheriff said in a social media post that there is no female staff member with the first or last name of Paisley, and that this caller is not anyone at the Murray County Sheriff's office

On Tuesday, the Durant Police Department warned citizens about a phone scam asking for money.

The scammer was posing as the department, asking for donations to a non-existent fundraiser.

Durant police say they are not currently asking for any donations. They ask citizens not to give money or information to the scammer.