Scouts and veterans work together in flag ceremony

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People driving on the loop saw a rare sight Tuesday evening.

"Most people don't know what to do with a flag. A lot of people just throw it in the trash because they just, they don't know and so we try to collect flags," said troop 11 scout master Kent Kirby.

Boy Scout troops 11 and 84 performing a flag retirement ceremony in the Everett Toyota parking lot to retire a tattered flag that once flew there.

"It makes me feel like I'm doing something with my life. I feel like I'm serving my country and giving back to the world," said troop 11 senior patrol leader Paxton Roden.

The ceremony involves cutting the stars and stripes apart, burning the pieces and then burying them.

"You know, to show their respect, especially to our armed forces and to our military," said Kirby.

Many of whom were there to help.

"Well, I hope it touches them in their heart and remember what America stands for and what all our young soldiers are serving now and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice," said retired Army Lt. Colonel Tony Ballard, who participated in the ceremony.

It teaches the scouts about patriotism and gives them someone to look up to.

"For me, you know, just talk about being an example," said Kirby. "It's a positive role model."

It also gives them a chance to learn about sacrifice.

"I just like talking about what service they did, what wars they fought in," said Roden.

Respect for the flag and a new respect for each other.

"I thank all of these young scouts for their patriotism," said Ballard.

"Thank you for your service and risking your life to protect ours," said Roden.

And a lesson: the price of freedom is high.

"The only reward is just the service itself," said Kirby.