Search continues in Fannin Co. for missing woman

FANNIN COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - A father is still hoping for closure.

His daughter Ashley Hamm has been missing since February.

Members of the crew compared the search to looking for a pebble in a sand box.

They followed a lead near Trenton Friday, but nothing was found.

After seven months, there's still no evidence and no hard facts.

"You just don't know anything and that's the worst part," said Ashley's dad David Hamm.

David is clinging to anything that could lead to finding his daughter.

Since February, the 35-year-old mother of two is nowhere to be found, but he's still searching.

Lt. Frank Deater with the Fannin County Sheriff's Office said Ashley was last seen in Leonard, and has felony warrants after missing a court appearance for drug charges.

"We have no facts. We have nothing to support that a crime has been committed," Deater said.

He said there's no solid evidence, no arrests have been made, there are no suspects, they have nothing.

"We've been to Dallas, we've been to the local southern parts of Oklahoma, we've followed up in Denison," Deater said.

He said they're hoping to find anything that points back to Ashley, alive or not.

"Somebody somewhere knows something," David said.

David said a tip pointed them to a location including two areas on Fannin County private property in an area near Highway 78, County Road 815 and County Road 5015.

Deater said it's down the road from the place she was last seen.

The crew covered one area by a drone and the other by foot, searching for a mile near a creek bed.

David said they're holding on to any chance of finding her and getting closure.

"You want to find something one way and you don't want to find it," David said.

He said he's not discouraged, just taking it day by day.

"Lots of prayer. Lots of friends," David said. "No matter what kind of trouble she was in, she's still missing and she's still our daughter."

If you have any information, call the Fannin County Sheriff's Office at 903-583-2143.