Officials recover second body from Pennington Creek

TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KXII) - UPDATE 2:52 p.m: Officials have released the names of the bodies recovered from the creek as James Dewayne Braxton, 17, and Van Denny Hicks, 18. We're told Braxton was a student at Dickson Schools and Hicks graduated from Dickson last year.

UPDATE: Officials say they have recovered the body of the second missing swimmer. The victims' names have not been released, pending positive identification by the medical examiner.

UPDATE: Officials have confirmed the body believed to be one of two missing young men was recovered from the creek Tuesday night.

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ORIGINAL: The search for two missing teenagers that went swimming at Pennington Creek continues into it's second day.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol boats have been in and out the water -scanning it and dragging it to try to locate the two missing young men.

The 17-year-old and 18-year-old who are from Carter County and went to Dickson Schools were last heard from Sunday when they texted a group of friends they were going to go swimming at Pennington Creek.

"We have not had any signs of the missing men but we're hoping we resolve that," Johnston County Emergency Manager Jason Bryant said. "I would like to resolve that today."

Monday crews reported they found the car belonging to one of the teens that had their cellphones and clothes inside.

They also said they found the keys on the shore and footprints leading into the water.

The search was called off at night and Bryant says crews were back in the water early Tuesday morning.

"We've had depth finders, we've had search and rescue teams from all across our area come in (and) do foot searches, water searches," Bryant said.

Bryant says high winds, lightning and swift water around the dam suspended the search for about 30 minutes.

Bryant tells us they will be using drones to help in the search that will continue into and throughout the night.

"We're going to bring in some light plants to set up at night just so as the water rises we don't miss anything that might come past us," Bryant said.

News of the missing teens has even brought residents out to the creek to see the latest on the rescue.

"It's sad for all of us as a community to know that somebody from not our town to come into our town for fun and something like this happened to them ," Angela Rojas said. "We sure don't want it to happen to our kids and we don't want to happen to anyone else's either."

Bryant says the radius of the search has also expanded in the creek, going south a couple of miles near the Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge.

We're told Oklahoma Highway Patrol divers will be searching the water tomorrow morning if the two young men are not located tonight.

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