Second COVID-19 case confirmed in Grayson County

The Grayson County Health Department confirmed Monday morning the second positive case of COVID-19 within Grayson County.

Health officials have confirmed that both patients are from Denison.

They said the patients are one man and one woman.

One of them is in their forties, who had a history of travel, but Grayson County will not confirm when or where they went.

The other person is in their fifties, with recent travel to the Dallas area.

Health officials said both are in home isolation, along with everyone that lives with them.

Right now, officials said they have not found anything linking these cases to each other.

Grayson County Health Department Director, Amanda Ortez, said the health department is not testing, but they're helping primary care physicians and free-standing emergency rooms facilitate it.

Ortez said they don't have exact numbers on how many have been tested, and she doesn't know the number of testing kits available.

Ortez said that is because different entities testing throughout the county have access from different commercial labs to varied amounts of testing supplies.

Ortez said one thing is for sure, there is a shortage of supplies.

"Our health care providers are without PPE that's personal protective equipment they're running low, we don't have the testing supplies that we all need and want and we would like to be able to facilitate that and we would like for anyone that wanted to be tested to be tested but unfortunately supplies are limited," Ortez said.

Ortez said because supplies are limited, to be tested you must meet certain criteria including being in direct contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, recent travel, or life-threatening respiratory issues.

She said primary care physicians and other places testing can follow their own guidelines.

She encourages anyone who has symptoms to call their doctor before going in person.