Second of 3 suspects pleads guilty in Sherman hotel murder

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- Just a month after Reginald Campbell pleaded guilty to capital murder, in the death of a Sherman hotel clerk in August 2017, another of the three suspects took a plea deal.

"Three people back in August of 2017 engaged in a very violent type of conspiracy to go around and rob hotels and the best case scenario is that all three are going to brought to justice," said Kerye Ashmore, a Grayson County Assistant District Attorney.

At a hearing Monday, 21-year-old Karalyn Cross pleaded guilty to first degree felony murder, in exchange for a max sentence of 55-years.

Prosecutors also agreed to drop the other charges she also faced: capital murder in the course of a felony and aggravated robbery.

"In light of her earlier cooperation, we believe that was a sentence that we could live with," said Ashmore.

In the days after Hubert's death, Cross said she started getting calls from friends and family that Sherman police were looking for her and had released a surveillance photo of her going inside the Quality Suites to scout out who was there, so that Reginald Campbell could go in and rob the place.

She said she called police and later admitted to them what she'd done.

"She didn't pull the trigger, but we have what's called the law of parties in Texas," said Ashmore.

Cross told the court she met Campbell on a dating website and had only known him two months before driving the getaway car after he shot Hubert.

"That was the person that we certainly were very interested in putting behind bars the rest of his life," said Ashmore.

Nikeya Grant, Cross' roommate was also in the car, though prosecutors say Grant's role was minor in the robbery.

Grant remains in jail on the same charges as Cross.

Online records show no court date set for her.

A tearful Cross admitted to talking to Hubert moments before he was killed.

When asked if he was nice, she nodded her head.

"We certainly thought under the facts of this case that she was a party to the murder," said Ashmore.

Sentencing is expected to happen sometime in April for Karalyn Cross, however no formal date has been set yet.