Senior citizens become tech savy, learn from high school students

GAINESVILLE, Tex. (KXII)-- A Pew Research Center study from last year showed that among seniors 65 and older, nearly 85% owned a cell phone.

Of those seniors, 46% used a smart phone.

"Well when I first got this smart phone it was smarter than me," said Cathary Zachary, a member of Stanford House.

But that problem can now be fixed thanks to the Cell Phone Project.
An idea that came from the Executive Director of the Stanford House, a senior citizen activity center in Gainesville.

Last Friday dozens of students part of the National Honor Society helped 18 seniors learn more about their phones.

"I'm just very very basic so I was trying to save numbers," said Patrick Hermes.

"How do I get local radio stations to play," said Mary Johns

"I couldn't save my emails," added Zachary.

Students like Samantha Torres and Matilin Rigsby spent time troubleshooting and working with the seniors.

"They were like oh that's pretty easy why didn't I just do that," said Torres.

"You know we didn't grow up with it so its a little bit beyond us," said Johns.

The free program is available to members of Stanford House, anyone 55 or older is welcome to join.

The next session is scheduled for next month, May 2.

"Gainesville High School students are readily available to help whenever and however we can," said Matilin Rigsby.

"I thank those students from the bottom of my heart because they are very knowledgeable," said Marilynn Markwell.