Escapee captured after asking Bells couple for help

BELLS, Tex. (KXII) - A man is back in custody after escaping from police Tuesday morning.

Some good Samaritans in Bells said they were just trying to help when a man showed up asking to use their phone.

Little did they know he'd been on the run from police for hours.

Hours after a man escaped police custody from Bells, a couple at a home on Everhart and Savage Rd. let him in-- before hordes of law enforcement showed up at their door.

Charles Fellenbaum and Verna Bailey were gardening outside their Bells home Tuesday morning before 11-- when they heard a voice.

"This kid's standing at the gate all scratched up," Bailey said. "I asked what's going on, he said, 'I wrecked my motorcycle.'"

The man, who police identified as Guy Cummins, asked to use their restroom.

"We're pretty naive," Fellenbaum said. "We invited him in we thought he was hurt I offered him aspirin and a drink of water."

They let him call his mom, but thought it was strange that he wouldn't take his hands out of his pants.

"I saw a deputy going up and down, I said, 'there's a deputy.' He said 'I don't need to see him,'" Bailey said.

That's when they realized something was wrong.

The couple told police Cummins was in their home.

"Things got exciting," Fellenbaum said. "One of the police came in and grabbed him and made it very emphatic that he was under arrest."

Collins had escaped from Bells police around 4 a.m.

Police said they pulled him over on a traffic stop at the Exxon on US 69 and Highway 56, then realized he had several warrants out.

But when they were filling out paperwork, he took off-- in handcuffs.

Several agencies, prison dogs and horses searched for him for six hours. Officer Andrew White with the Bells Police Department apprehended Cummins inside the home.

"There was everybody, probably ten cars at one time," Fellenbaum said. "They were really looking. This was a bad bad boy."

Cummins was arrested on warrants out of Grayson and Collin counties, including violating a protective order and drug possession.

Police said they also found marijuana and meth pipes on him.

Fellenbaum and Bailey say they were just trying to help.

"We're not gonna let him in this next time," they said.

The suspect will also face escape charges.

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