Seven vehicle collision on Highway 75 in Calera

Calera, OK (KXII)-- Calera police responded to calls of a multi vehicle collision around 3PM on Thursday.

Police and witnesses say it started when an 18 wheeler slammed into the back of a pickup truck, then hit 5 more cars in total.

Onlooker of the accident, James Hartman said, "It looked like the blue truck pulled out over there and looks like the semi ran into him the back".

Jacob Burton was working behind the counter of a gas station when he heard the first crash and walked outside to see the rest of the pile up.

"I saw two people get out of the white car and they were walking around like they were fine so I figured they were okay that's whenever all the ambulances showed up".

Seven people were hospitalized, two of which were flown by helicopter to an area hospital.

Shelton Schell was working at the Amish store across the accident scene and didn't know what happened.

It wasn't until first responders started shutting down the highway on the Northbound side that he realized the realm of the incident.

At first he thought it was because of the holiday traffic.

"Why were they stuck in traffic, was it just because the holiday they said no, there is an accident just a little bit south of the traffic light here".

Schell continued, "Having those people careflighted out, and seeing the two helicopters on the highway, that alone is scary".