Several departments battle grass fire in Whitewright

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WHITEWRIGHT, Tex. (KXII) -- High winds spread flames through more than 60 acres of brush in Whitewright Thursday, requiring help from seven local departments.

For more than four hours, crews were battling heavy black smoke, working to keep the flames from hitting nearby homes off of Red Moore Road.

"It was definitely a team effort by all the surrounding departments of this county," Howe Fire Chief Robert Maniet said.

The flames took off through the trees, spreading rapidly, so the forestry service came in to help with bulldozers.

No homes were hit but a shed was burned by the flames.

A volunteer disaster relief team came in to help the responders stay safe and hydrated.

"We heard that seven departments were coming out and the fire was being picked up and carried into the trees," King's Trail Cowboy Church disaster relief team member Linda Arnold-Day said. "We called and they said please come, so here we are."

What started the fire is still undetermined.

"I would say don't burn anything unless you absolutely have to," Chief Maniet said.

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