Severe storms pummel town of Kenefic, displacing one family

KENEFIC, Okla. (KXII)-- On Friday night severe storms pummeled all across Texoma including Kenefic, Oklahoma where neighbors believe a tornado hit their neighborhood.

Misty Bledsoe, a Kenefic resident, was preparing dinner for her family when suddenly things started going wrong.

"All of the sudden hail started coming in, and banging against the walls so I put my hand up against the wall, and the wall comes towards my hand", said Bledsoe.

Her house on Mary Street was destroyed with the roof ripped off and their furniture all across the front yard.

The winds were so strong that she says she felt her body lift off the ground.

"I grabbed a hold of the rug to hold us there, and I got all three of my kids underneath me, and the wind is so strong my feet are coming off the ground."

She was in her home with her kids and husband who suddenly disappeared after extreme winds started taking apart her home.

Bledsoe said, "He disappeared the ceiling knocked him out conscious into the loving room, I thought he was dead."

A severe thunderstorm warning was issued at that time by the National Weather Service but nobody expected this damage.

A nearby neighbor, Sherry Phillips said, "It sounded like a train coming through."

One man who living in Kenefic was watching television when the storm hit, Steve Clark said, "I grabbed my grandson we hit the floor between the wall and the mattress and I covered him up."

Nobody was killed, and Kenneth Eppler of Durant/Bryan County Emergency Management said that there was no indication of rotation on the radar.

He added that the National Weather Service is investigating to determine exactly what happened.

They can't say yet if it was a tornado that touched down Friday night, or just straight line winds that caused the damage.

Dariuse Boyd, husband of Misty Bledsoe said, "Just remember that life's too short you never know what can happen, so make the best of it."

Bledose and the entire family are staying with friends in Caddo until they can figure out what to do next.

Now this neighborhood will do what they do best, come together and rebuild.