Texoma under enhanced risk for severe storms Wednesday evening, experts say to plan ahead

DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - News 12 Chief Meteorologist Steve LaNore says that on Wednesday, hail is going to be the primary threat, up to golf ball or baseball size.

He expects it to be the most significant hail threat this year, with winds reaching 60 to 80 mph.

And according to Denison Emergency Management Coordinator Morgan Metcalf these kind of storms can cause significant damage.

"Large hail can break windshields, shatter glass, really do a lot of damage to your roof and your home," says Metcalf.

The Insurance Information Institute says that in 2017, Texas and Oklahoma ranked top five for states with major hail events.

Each year hail causes about one billion dollars in damage to crops and property.

"The weather service is definitely predicting hail so kinda wait and see as it gets a little close to how the radar looks," added Metcalf.

If your home happens to be hit by hail, roofers warn you to beware of scammers.

"In our business there's not a licensing body in the state of Texas for roofers, you don't have to have insurance here so it happens quite a bit," said Aleman.

Tony Aleman with Abel Aleman Roofing says to research companies and never pay money upfront wait until the work is done.

And if you need to keep you car safe, experts say you can use old blankets or even car mats to minimize hail damage.