Sheriff Russell hard to find after arrest

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LOVE COUNTY, Okla. - We started the hunt for Sheriff Russell at the Sheriff's office. It was the middle of the afternoon and while we were told he was still on the job, he was nowhere to be found.

Dan says, "Hi, I'm here to see Joe Russell is he here today?"
Our next stop was his home in the community of Leon.

This is the home Sheriff Russell shared with his son Willie who pleaded guilty in federal court to dealing meth.

One of the front doors was wide open…
Dan says, "hello, anyone home? Anybody here?"
… but no one was answered.

The other front door was badly damaged…
Dan says "Sheriff Russell?" knocks on door
But again no one answered.

An FBI agent testified that this is where Willie Russell kept methamphetamine for sale.

The agent also said, with the sheriff's consent, the younger Russell harbored a fugitive... forcing her to have sex and consuming meth through a method called booty bumping.

But the neighbor we spoke with told us it simply couldn't be true.
Neighbor, "I ain't seen it over there. The things they're saying, I ain't seen it over there.

Neighbor says, "Well, I trust him, always will." Dan Thomas asks, "You don't think he'd be involved in meth dealing?" Neighbor, "I don't think Joe is."
On our way back to Marietta, we made one last stop by the sheriff's office.

Dan says, "Hey!"
And to our surprise we saw what appeared to be Sheriff Russell sitting outside.

Dan Says, "Excuse me is Sheriff Russell there? Man, "I don't know I just woke up"
But the front desk clerk assured us we were mistaken.

Dan Thomas says, "Hi, can I speak to Sheriff Russell." Clerk, "no" Dan "is he here?" Clerk "no" Dan "I thought I just saw him come in." Clerk "not him" Dan "that wasn't him huh?" Clerk "no"