Sheriff: Two persons of interest in Springer Schools break in

SPRINGER, Okla. (KXII) - Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant says they got a call last night from a teacher at the school who was working late.

She reported to deputies that she heard noises coming from outside the building.

"Rattling of doors ... foot steps, things like that," Bryant said.

Bryant says deputies were sent to the school to check out the area but nothing was found.

Until this morning, when two staff members found damaged doors, two busted windows and glass shattered on the floor.

"There was a full investigation done and we do have a couple leads on two individuals so we are looking to those," Bryant said.

Superintendent Cynthia Hunter says the thieves got away with $200 and some prescription medication that was stolen from an office.

Hunter says they are increasing security measures at the school.

News that surprised Flora Bray, who lives near the school and has four great grandchildren that go there.

"Well it's sad that they pick anything but a school were kids are taught not to do things like that, it kind of defeats the purpose," Bray said.

Superintendent Cynthia Hunter says schools will still be in session as the sheriff's office continues to investigate.

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