Sherman Albertsons celebrates re-grand opening

Debbie Coffey
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SHERMAN, Texas -- After six months of planning, and five months of construction, Albertsons is celebrating its remodeled store.

"It means people have options that they didn't have before, or they don't have to drive the distance to get some of the selections," Store Director Debbie Coffey said.

Among the added amenities are a drive thru pharmacy, an expanded organic produce section, a seating area with wifi access, -- and its own Starbucks, a customer favorite.

"This was a really fun day at the grand opening," Courtney Greene said. "There are a lot of samples, and I'm a big fan there is a Starbucks in here."

Coffey said the store has added soup, pizza, wings, and fresh sushi bars to cater to those who come for lunch. "It gives other options not just to grocery shopping, but also for other needs," Coffey said. "Coffee in the morning, coffee at lunch, lunch selections, grab and go's."

Albertsons was set for competition from a Kroger Marketplace, but city councilman Kevin Couch said Kroger has pulled the plug on the Marketplace -- for now. "They had so many other projects that Sherman just didn't make that cut," Couch said.

Couch said Kroger plans to invest in their current Sherman location, but there is no timetable on when that might happen.

As for Albertsons it will be adding a fuel dock.

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