Sherman chiropractor helping first responders, hurricane victims in Texas & Florida

Published: Sep. 13, 2017 at 8:38 PM CDT
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A Sherman chiropractor who just returned from Southeast Houston is already planning to help in Florida.

"It's stressful but its very, very rewarding. Those people need us so bad."

Dr. Rick Wren is a part of the chiropractic emergency relief team more than a dozen chiropractors who visited several parts Southeast Texas for 3 days.

He tells us they were able to get into Ford Park Arena in Beaumont where they worked directly with the National Guard.

"We saw probably 3 to 400 troops doing chiropractic triage, which is chiropractic care, massage."

Their mission is to help alleviate the stress both first responders and victims face during this hard time.

"It's life changing, I mean it's life changing. I can't help but hug all my patients when I get back"

Dr. Wren says he's volunteered after multiple disasters including Hurricane Katrina.

But he says the only way they're able to make these trips are through donations.

"That money allows us to pay for food, airfare , things like that."

He tells us the emergency relief team has already been invited to Florida by the National Guard and is scheduled to fly out on Thursday.

"I already knew i wanted to go and I already knew we were going to go. We do have permission to get in but if we can get through the proper red tape, we're going to land there where the National Guard is."

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