Sherman, Denison dog parks opening within the next week

GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- Within the next week, two new dog parks will bring people and pets together in Sherman and Denison.

Both projects started this year now they're gearing up to open the gates.

"We're really excited now that we just realized its right around the corner from our house, so we'll definitely bring him down here to play with other dog friends," said dog walker Marisa Gladen.

Gladen, her daughter Arabella and son Maddox recently moved to Sherman from Arizona.

Their pup Panda came along for their walk at Fairview Park.

The $30 thousand Sherman dog park, funded by Sherman Parks and Recreation, opens Thursday behind the baseball fields at Fairview Park.

"For him to have a place where he can go be with other dogs and it's not threatening and it's kind of safe. It's going to be wonderful," said Dr. Duke Carlson.

Carlson walks his dog Henry at Waterloo Park at least twice a week. He's ready for the canine community.

An $85 thousand project paid for by the optional Waterloo Park fee on the Denison water bill. It's set to officially open Saturday at 11 a.m.

"To have two areas for big dogs and little dogs and to have the ability to get together with other people who love dogs," Carlson said.

Like Matthew and Dalton Koch and their dog Tyler. They just came to Denison from Kansas.

"We just take her onto the trails and walk around, but I really want to get into the dog park so she can be off leash," Koch said.

Both parks are fully fenced. The one in Denison has a few extras.

"And also they have agility stuff in there so I want to start doing that with her," Koch said.

"I think things like this, projects like this, they attract people to our community, which is fantastic," Carlson said.