Sherman, Gainesville on list of most crowded driver's license offices in state

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - The driver's license offices in both Sherman and Gainesville are among the most crowded in the entire state of Texas.

Wait times often top two hours, and it's gotten worse in the last few weeks.

Drivers waiting in line for hours Thursday tell us something has to be done.

So one of the ways DPS is trying to curb wait times is by putting Texas troopers to work in offices like the one in Sherman.

All Skyler Pyle wanted to do Thursday was get the address on her license changed, so she woke up early.

"I get here at 8:45, I'm waiting, waiting. Then I get my number, I'm waiting," she said. "I'm getting hungry, to go CJ's, get soup and a smoothie-- eat it, come back. They've only moved up five numbers. I go to Walmart, get some keys made, come back, only moved up about 15 numbers."

It was nearly 11:30 a.m. when we found her finally leaving the Sherman Driver's License office.

"Don't come here," Pyle said.

It was the same story for Kim Woods and her daughter Brandy who was getting her learner's permit.

Thursday was their second day in a row.

"We got here today around 9 a.m. and we waited about two and a half hours," Woods said.

The Sherman and Gainesville driver's license offices were on a Texas Department of Public Safety list of the most crowded driver's license offices in the state.

So to solve the problem, DPS announced they're assigning additional employees and troopers to the most crowded spots, along with starting the hiring process of 100 more people in the coming months.

"It's pretty busy in there. They had two people working so they brought four people out and it was still just as busy."

Drivers like Samuel Nora say they aren't leaving without a fight.

"I'm staying as long as it takes. I just got the day off-- I gotta get it done," he said.

DPS tells us drivers are encouraged to make appointments for driver's tests in advance.

They also say the majority of people who come in this building could have conducted a transaction online.

More tips from DPS:

-Many DL offices utilize a queuing system to provide customers with the convenient option of reserving a spot in line through the DPS website before going to the office. For a list of the high-capacity Mega Centers, as well as the specific DL offices that offer the “Get in Line, Online” feature, visit the DPS website.

-In many offices, you can schedule a drive test online three months in advance. Customers are urged to plan ahead and not delay scheduling a drive appointment.

-Another underutilized option available to customers is to renew their DL or ID card early. You can renew up to two years in advance, and renewing early does not impact the expiration date. If an office visit is required, renewing early allows customers to choose a convenient time that best fits their schedule and avoids the busiest times at the DL office.

-Mondays and Fridays tend to be the busiest days, as well as after holidays. Overall, summer is the busiest time of the year. Try to plan your visit around these high-volume times, if possible.

-Before you go to the office, make sure you have all the proper documentation, including documents needed for residency requirements.

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