Sherman ISD school resource officer renewal

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) The city of Sherman is taking its own measures to ensure the safety of its students, starting with the appointment of a new school resource officer at Monday's city council meeting.

Sherman Independent School District started the program with the Sherman Police Department just last year, and they want people to know how important it is for the district.

"I think this shows parents and all of our community that we're serious about safety and security in our schools," said Sherman ISD Assistant Superintendent Tyson Bennett.

This will be the second year that Sherman ISD partners with Sherman PD to keep a full-time student resource officer.

Before, different officers would work at the school on their days off.

Sgt. Brett Mullen says that this program allows consistency and relationships between the officer, students and staff.

"Having an officer there full-time allows them to build those relationships with the students and the faculty so they can respond to things more effectively," Mullen said.

The former resource officer served the first year the program was in place but retired.

Monday's city council meeting has appointing his replacement on the agenda.

Bennett says school resource officers serve to enforce the law on campus, but that's not their only purpose.

"Making sure that they're looking to reduce any kind of school violence or crime but really the most important thing for us is developing relationships with students and also our staff," Bennett said.

Sgt. Mullen says that having a school resource officer allows for a quick emergency response time.

"Having officers there all the time allows us to respond quickly to any instance that may take place," Mullen said.

The City of Sherman will fund 30 percent of the program, and the rest will be paid for by Sherman ISD.

Both Sherman ISD and Sherman PD want people to know that this program is all for the students.

"It allows the students to get to know the officer well so if they do have any issues or problems they will be comfortable coming to him and letting him know those things," Mullen said.