Sherman ISD shares ideas for new Sherman high school

Published: Jan. 10, 2018 at 9:54 PM CST
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Two months after voters passed the $176 million Sherman ISD bond, nearly 50 students, staff and community members are brainstorming plans for the new Sherman High School.

Natural light, green space with outdoor seating and a circular flow for hallways are all ideas for the new Sherman High School.

"You can actually feel pride with the things we've seen today and been a part of and you notice that everybody in the room here is excited," said a Sherman Independent School District parent, Jarod Dutton.

Over the past few months, faculty has traveled as far as Houston to visit newly built high schools.

"We basically just looked at all the other high schools and picked out things we liked and thought would be best," said Sherman High School Freshman, Tyra Bennett.

Now they're using concepts from those schools for the new Sherman High School.

"The new high schools had lots of windows, lots of open sunlight. Just things we need and also places to talk with other kids because we hardly get to talk that much at all because the hallways are always moving and crowded," said Bennett.

Kenneth Hutchens is one of the architects working on the project he says the design is expected to be finalized by April.

But before then, they're hoping the community's input will help them create a design everyone will like.

"They actually work on the building design and conceptually putting in the different spaces," said Hutchens. "Like where the classroom pods would be, where athletics would be, fine arts would be and arranging the site how they would like the building to operate."

The next meeting will be held on January 25th at the SISD building from 11am-2pm. Architects will present their designs using the new concepts students, staff and community members discussed today.

"I think this will be something that my children, which I have three in the schools now, will be very proud to be a part of," said Dutton.