Sherman Police make arrest in Spiderman burglaries

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Police say they know who has been dressing up like Spiderman and breaking into liquor stores and gas stations over the past month.

Isaiah Wilson, 17, was arrested Tuesday and charged as an adult for burglary.

Police said Wilson's latest Spiderman appearance was Sunday at the Shell Station on Sam Rayburn Freeway.

Sgt. D.M. Hampton says they caught this Spider-man bandit after he broke into this Shell station on the corner Highway 75 and Lamar.

"Officers got out there and they had a busted front door and there was product I think mainly cigarettes that had been taken out."

But this isn't the only break-in Spidey has been linked to.

In July, someone dressed as the "web-slinger" broke into Fossil Creek Liquor, Knollwood Liquor and the one Stop.

"They'll be looking to see if they are linked, the problem is his age will be a factor in those."

Just days before the Sunday break in at the Shell, Wilson turned 17, making him eligible to be charged as an adult under Texas law.

Knollwood cashier, Jennifer Marrow, says hearing Wilson has been arrested is good news.

"It's awesome. It's good that he got caught, sad that he was so young."

Marrow hopes wilson can use this experience and learn from it.

"If you're thinking about this kind of stuff, why can't you think of good things to do," Marrow said. "Do something constructive with your time, not destructive."

Police say their investigative work along with a tip from the public made Wilson's arrest possible.

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