Sherman Police warn of AT&T scam

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Sherman Police warn of an AT&T scam that could enable unauthorized purchases to be made from your account.

Police said a caller reported the scam Wednesday after receiving a phone call from someone who said they were an AT&T representative.

The representative said would be an outage in the area so service would be sporadic for the next three days.

The person said she was told she was going to be given a $25.00 credit for the inconvenience of the interruption of service.

She was told they would receive a code via text to make sure they were the correct customer to give credit on their bill.

When she received the code, and it appeared to be legitimate, she read the code back to the person on the phone with her.

She received a second code that she provided to the supposed AT&T representative and the phone call ended.

Approximately five minutes later, she received another text from AT&T advising her pass code on her account had been changed and to contact AT&T if she had not changed her pass code information.

She immediately called AT&T back, and four hours later, she learned that someone had purchased an Apple iPhone through AT&T which was charged to her credit card on the account.

She said her credit card company and AT&T had removed the charges from her credit card account and her AT&T account.

Police urge people to avoid engaging in any phone conversations with callers who are identifying themselves as AT&T representatives, unless they initiated the call.

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