Sherman police investigate Hub Street shooting

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- A Sherman mother said someone shot at her son and then drove off earlier Tuesday evening, but police are still investigating to figure out what led to the gunfire.

There has been a report of shots fired on Tuesday afternoon in the 900 block of South Hub in Sherman. Police are on the scene.

"He had spoke to him I guess," Jacqueline Trevathan said. "And then (he) got a gun out and started firing, and that's when Trevor said he had got on his stomach, and crawled himself to the backyard

Jacqueline Trevathan said she was out at the store Tuesday just before 4 p.m., when she got a frightening call from her 20-year-old son saying he had been shot at outside their home.

"Oh my god, yeah I was scared to death, Trevor had called me screaming and crying, saying someone shot at him," Trevathan said.

Police said a neighbor up the street called 911 to report the shots and when they got to the Trevathan's home on Hub Street, they found four shell casings outside.

"We haven't been able to determine right now with any certainty, as far as a suspect vehicle, we've gotten conflicting reports so we're not gonna put anything out there that's just our guess," Sherman police Sgt. D.M. Hampton said.

But the mother said her kids know who shot at her son. She said just last week, her 17-year-old son claims the same man punched him at the skate park.

"It's just sad that these kids and these people are wanting to do this, you know, it's sad it's not even safe to walk out your front door or your child go to the skate park," Trevathan said.

She said she has no clue why someone would shoot at her family.

"We have no idea, we have no idea, so yeah it's gotten bad, it's scary," Trevathan said.

No one was hurt and no arrests have been made.
Police said they're still investigating.

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