Sherman beauty store robbed when shoplifter punches employee

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - At 4 p.m. on Wednesday, around five people walked into CJ Beauty in Sherman at the same time.

Two of them approached the store clerk, apparently to distract his attention away from the others.

From a distance the employee saw one suspect, Erinn Howard, stuffing products into her bag.

One frequent customer, Delonda Burton said, "I'm really shocked. It's a great store. They have great customer service. I couldn't imagine it."

Back in October Howard was arrested after she hit another woman, Codi Hamilton, with a baseball bat during a fight, coming close to Hamilton's daughter who was in the backseat of her car.

After learning about Howard's latest arrest Hamilton said, "She needs to get her stuff together. She's got a kid to take care of, and her baby don't need to go without a mom."

On Wednesday though, Howard was back at it.

After the store employee ran after the robbers outside, they started arguing.

The store employee said that the group of people started cursing and shouting at him. He even got punched by Sentwali Jones, who was also arrested for robbery.

Ron Green II works a few stores away and noticed the commotion outside.

"Me and my boss we were looking outside and then they all scattered, two went that way, three got in the car and went that way."

The store clerk called 911. Both Howard and Jones were eventually arrested for robbery with bonds set at $30,000.

Around $400 worth of products were stolen, including expensive wigs.

All the stolen products were all recovered.