Sherman firefighters' act of kindness makes big difference for local woman

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- Sherman firefighters went above and beyond their call of duty last week responding to a call that a man had fallen at his Sherman home. Not only did they help him up -- they took it upon themselves to rake his entire backyard.

Susan Bailey said her husband was attempting spring cleaning last week when things took a turn for the worst.

"He came in the house for some reason and he tripped and fell," Bailey said. "Funny thing was, he couldn't get up again."

She called 911, and minutes later, four firefighters arrived from Station 2A came to her Cherry Street home. He was safe, and only suffered minor injuries, but the firemen tell us they wanted to do something else to help.

"They noticed the yard was full of leaves and he had the rake out, so what did they do?" Bailey asked, "They started raking up the leaves! And by the time they were finished they had filled four garbage bags."

Her yard was spotless, leaving her and her husband speechless.

"I'm thinking, how did we get so lucky? What have we done that has merited this for us?"

The firemen told us they were just doing their job, but for Bailey, it meant so much more.

"I thank God for their presence every day," Bailey said. "They keep us safe and they make us just feel so comfortable, and so protected. So God bless you."

Bailey said she plans to make a spaghetti dinner to thank them for their kindness. She said if anyone sees a local firefighter around -- thank them for going above and beyond each day.

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