Sherman man behind bars for assaulting officers, killing kitten

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- A Sherman man pleads guilty to assaulting a police officer and beating a kitten, then leaving it for dead.

"He's going to be gone for a while."

In June, Sherman Police were called out to a home at 420 W. Cherry St.

There, police spoke with Crisanto Burela, who admitted to making threats to his estranged wife.

"He said he had had an argument with his spouse and police determined that there was a protective order," said Brett Smith, Grayson County Assistant District Attorney.

During that same argument, police found Burela had picked up the family's kitten, twisted its neck, stomped on it.

In body cam footage of a Sherman police officer, they say, "Homeboy over there murdered a kitten prior to all of this, and remains are supposedly in that trash can right there."

Burela admitted to putting the kitten in the trash can alive, but with a possible fractured neck.

Then in the video you hear the officer say, "Hey this kitten is not dead. It's alive."

A neighbor, who doesn't want to be shown on camera, says she tried to save the kitten by taking it to an animal clinic.

"[He] Tried to pull the little things head off."

Because of its severe injuries, the kitten was euthanized.

"[When they] Went to arrest Mr. Burela, a fight ensued. He was subsequently charged with assault of a public servant," Smith said.

He plead guilty and was sentenced to two years in prison on the assault of a public servant and received one year in state jail for cruelty to animals.

The sentences will run concurrently.

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