Sherman man finds his grandpa's classic car through social media

Published: Feb. 23, 2020 at 5:21 PM CST
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A Sherman man tracked down his grandpa's classic car that was sold a decade ago, all thanks to a social media post.

"I would look on Craig's list thinking I'd be finding it on there for sale, I probably looked several months and couldn't find it," James McCraw said.

McCraw said his grandpa sold the custom 1949 Ford Coupe in 2010, and he hadn't seen it since.

In hopes of finding it, he posted a picture on Facebook from his high school pictures he took with the car right before his grandpa sold it.

"I posted and asked if anyone had seen it and it was around the Calera/Durant area when he last sold it," McCraw said.

After just six hours and hundreds of shares, McCraw said he found the owner.

"Within a week, he sold it to me and now we have it back," McCraw said.

McCraw said he knows his grandpa would be happy to know it ended up back in the family.

"He would love it. Like I said he didn't want to get rid of it, but circumstances happen so he had to sell it, so he would love to see me having it back," McCraw said.

But, he said there is still some work to do.

"New wheels, new tires and stuff," McCraw said.

He has driven the car a few times. Once it is finished, he has plans to show it off.

"I'll be driving it around and will probably put it in shows once we get everything finished on it," McCraw said.

McCraw said the car is worth about $18,000 today. But for him, the reminder of the times he shared with his grandpa is priceless.

"Remembering the memories that we had with it when he had it.," McCraw said.