Sherman man living in China self-quarantined until Coronavirus threat decreases

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - On Monday, the CDC confirmed the thirteenth case of Coronavirus in the U.S. and as it gets closer to home, the fear of the disease spreading internationally is only growing.

A Sherman man who lives about 300 miles from the epicenter of the virus said he's quarantining himself.

News 12 spoke with Michael Murphy about a week ago, and he said a lot has changed where he is since then.

But he says one thing remains the same he's staying quarantined in his apartment until the outbreak settles down.

Michael Murphy lives in Zhengzhou, about 300 miles north of Wuhan, where the Coronavirus reportedly began.

He said he hasn't left his apartment in 24 days.

"I've ventured out two times and that was to take my trash out," Murphy said.

Last week, there were about 65 confirmed cases in his city and now there are about 126 cases.

The closest one is less than a kilometer from Murphy's apartment.

There have been four deaths in his province, so Murphy says it's worth staying inside.

"If I venture out there there's a possibility that I get this virus so no I can live with this, this is not that hard," Murphy said.

But if he did want to leave, he could only do it between 7 a.m. to noon because now there's a 19- hour shelter in place order that started last Wednesday.

Murphy said the government is doing their part to contain the virus.

They still send out daily text messages, they've created an app to show where cases are, and have even knocked on Murphy's door to make sure he's healthy.

"We've just got to pray that this thing will stop spreading that's the problem, it continues to spread," Murphy said.

Murphy said as of this morning, there's been a decline in the number of new cases he's seen from the government's numbers.

He said there have been no new cases reported in his city in the last 24 hours.

As of now Wuhan remains locked down, and no one is traveling in China.

"You can't shut down an entire city in America but they can here," Murphy said.

Murphy said he's heard there's a shortage of masks.

He has four of them, but doesn't anticipate needing them.

"The main thing is people are staying inside, and that's what I'm doing," Murphy said.

Murphy said he had food delivered yesterday, and will stay in his apartment as long as it takes for the virus to not be a threat anymore.