Sherman parents searching for their missing daughter in Colorado

Published: Jul. 11, 2019 at 6:57 PM CDT
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Emma Stokes parents Lisa and Jerry say their daughter is the kind of person who would light up a room.

"She's a very loyal person, very musically gifted, very intelligent," said Jerry Stokes.

Emma's younger brother Griffin says the two would have their own concert in their home.

"We'll go upstairs and watch TV shows together, or we'll swim, or play music in the hallway," said Griffin Stokes.

Emma was adopted at birth, and her parents say she was diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder, a condition where children don't establish healthy attachments with their parents.

Emma was being treated in Park County, Colorado for the past two weeks.

"They specialize mainly in disorders that kids who were adopted or lived in foster care often struggle with," said Lisa Stokes.

Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw says Emma, along with 16-year-old Anna Frankman took off from the facility at 10 Sunday night.

When they opened a window, an alarm sounded. The Sheriff sent a search and rescue team, and dogs tracked them to a church, then to a highway heading north to Denver, and McGraw believes the two are no longer in Park County.

"We feel like somebody picked them up off that highway," said Jerry Stokes.

The Stokes say they and several friends are searching all over Colorado.

"Talked to every person we could, if I see a street musician I typically talk to them and give them a flyer with their picture on it because I know if she goes by there she's going to be drawn," said Lisa Stokes.

"Pray for her, and if you see anything report it and try to bring her back home," said Griffin Stokes.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Park County Sheriff's Office at 719-836-2494.