Sherman production cancelled minutes before opening show

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- On Friday people showed up to watch the musical "Annie" in Sherman
only to find the production had been cancelled.

But they weren't the only ones surprised. The cast didn't know until 30 minutes before they were supposed to go on stage.

"When they couldn't do the play, they just decided to cancel the entire thing," said Bekah Davis, an orphan named Pepper in the play "Annie."

It was supposed to be the Christmas production put on by the Sherman Community Players. Six weeks of practice for 12 performances over three weekends in December.

Until opening night, when it got cancelled.

"We were all in shock just waiting for April Fools, that never came," said Cheryl Julian, Bekah's mother. "All the orphans were crying, the cast was begging and pleading, what can we do."

The Sherman Community Players Administrator Webster Crocker said in a statement that changes were made to the play in accordance to skill levels.

"There was like parts that didn't, I guess, make sense, or that they didn't want in the play. They cut them out," Davis said.

But when they cut them out, the company that controls the rights to "Annie" pulled their permission to perform unless they did it in its entirety.

An ultimatum the Sherman Community Players said they only found out about on opening day.

"The cast is wonderful, the actors here have so much talent. They could have pulled it off," Julian said.

But if they tried to put on the abridged show, the publishing company would fine them $10 thousand for each performance.

"I was sad, yeah," Davis said.

In a Facebook apology, Sherman Community Players said tickets will be refunded.