Sherman student facing felony charge after school shooting rumor spreads

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- A Sherman middle school student is facing a felony charge after a rumor went around the campus about a school shooting.

"A kid may think it's funny, just to throw this kind of info around, but it's very serious," Sherman Police Sgt. Brett Mullen said.

School officials said it all started Tuesday. Students at Piner Middle School were talking about joining the national movement, students walking out of class to protest for stricter gun laws in response to the deadly Florida school shooting.

"A rumor started from that conversation that there would be a shooting at our campus," Piner Middle School Principal Amy Porter said in an email to parents.

"The shooting aspect of this kind of came from that, that it may take place during the walkout," Mullen said.

Around noon Tuesday, Piner called in police.

"We interviewed students and got to the bottom of where the rumor originated from," Mullen said.

Sherman Police Sgt. Brett Mullen said there was no credible threat to any students or teachers at the school. But the student responsible for the rumor is now facing a felony charge of terroristic threat.

"Given the recent events and the climate we're in now, we take these kind of comments and threats, even rumors, very seriously," Mullen said.

While Piner Middle School was not placed on lockdown, since the Florida shooting, four other Texoma schools have been placed on lockdown from threats.

"I applaud the courage of the students that responded honestly regarding what they knew," Porter said in the email.

The school's email encouraged conversations with children about the severity of these rumors. Police said the punishment for this student reiterates just that.

"Due to the fear that they cause in the public, we will file charges on those people who are spreading these rumors or these threats," Mullen said.

Once they've finished investigating, police said the charge will be filed through the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

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