Sherman woman describes living in unit below collapsed Denton apartment

Published: Nov. 14, 2017 at 3:25 PM CST
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A Sherman woman said she lived in The Ridge apartment complex in Denton from 2013-2015.

On Sunday, the unit two stories above hers on the third floor collapsed during a party, injuring at least a half dozen students and displacing 50.

The apartment told us engineers deemed the unit structurally sound after an inspection on Sunday, and that the collapse was caused by party-goers. But Wood said her experience living at the Ridge was a "nightmare," and her unit experienced structural issues which may have contributed to the collapse.

"Every time it rained it would stream down my window, windowsill, wall, down my baseboards," Wood said. "I would use full-sized body towels to soak up all the water because it was so much water."

Wood described having wet, mushy walls, baseboards that would crack apart, water inside her electrical units and termites all over her unit.

"The first day of grad school I came home to termites," Wood said. "They swarmed the apartment, they were all over my desk, my ceilings."

Wood said she complained multiple times to maintenance. After two years, she said they fixed one wall, but didn't fix the problem.

"I would get confirmation emails saying they had fixed the order when nobody had been in my apartment at all," Wood said. "And this went on for about two years."

After the termites, Wood requested to be moved to a different unit. She said she was told the water would stream in from the third floor down to her first floor complex, which lead her to imagine extensive damage where the floor collapsed.

"Who knows what damage was in the third story apartment," Wood said. "That floor could've been weaker than we know and that's terrifying for me as a student."

She said she's glad nobody was seriously injured after the collapse-- and that it didn't collapse during her stay in building one.

She asks anyone who may have been injured to reach out to her on Facebook to prove the building was unsafe.