Sherman woman pieces together plan to help homeless veterans

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Many believe that veteran homelessness is too big a problem to tackle alone, but Angel Wilson found her own way to help.

"I think people might understand how many homeless veterans there are, but like a lot of us, they don't know how to help," said Wilson. "It's just so hard to know what you can do."

She's now working to make quilts for homeless veterans, using old military uniforms.

It's an idea that was inspired by her father and grandfathers' service and her mom's knack for quilting.

But making the quilts from uniforms is an idea all her own.

"What's neat about that is that the materials are really sturdy so for homeless veterans, who we'll be donating these quilts to, they'll be durable and can last a long time," she explained.

Wilson plans to make two twin size quilts each month, but believes the project may grow.

"We do have other quilters who have expressed interest," Wilson said. "So as we get more materials, we can actually distribute to them and have them help us create more."

In order to produce more quilts, however, she needs donations.

"We have not been able to make one completely out of uniforms just because we haven't got enough in, so right now we're supplementing with extra fabric," she continued.

Wilson is looking for veterans or their families to donate old uniforms, although other military fabrics will help too.

"Military T-shirts, duffel bags, absolutely anything that's fabric (will help). K&C Surplus in Sherman is actually donating parachutes, and we're using those in our projects," Wilson said.

She knows this project won't end veteran homelessness, but she does hope these quilts will provide extra comfort veterans in need.

"it's big enough for a large man to wrap up in, to be comfortable. it's also something soft to lay down on during the summer when it's too hot to roll up in it."

She plans to continue working piece by piece to provide a small token of appreciation to those who gave so much.

If you're interested in donating old uniforms or other military materials, you can drop them off at Sherman VFW Post 2772 or mail them to Wilson's P.O. Box: Some Gave All, P.O. Box 3253, Sherman, TX 75091.

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