Sherman woman almost scammed on "LetGo" mobile app

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- A Sherman woman received a check in the mail for nearly $1500, but it was all a scam.

She thinks the scammer got her name through a mobile app she uses to buy and sell items.

The check she got in the mail was real, but realized it was a scam and now wants to warn other people.

Iris Guedea of Sherman received this check for $1400 in the mail on Friday.

just days after she was contacted by someone on "LetGo" -- a cell phone app she uses to buy and sell items.

"A person contacted me and they said you know what, I'm going to buy your item for $50 dollars more."

Guedea was selling a 75 dollar treadmill, but the woman said she would to buy it for 125.

Then the suspect asked Guedea for her personal contact information.

"She asked me for my address, my real name and my telephone number. So I gave her everything."

A few days later, Guedea received this priority mail envelope with the check and a list of instructions.

"Once you receive the payment, you are to text this following number. And then they gave me a number."

Guedea grew suspicious, and never called the phone number she was given.

But she did get several text messages from a Wisconsin phone number asking if she had received the package.

"Then when I got to thinking, I said, 'No its too good to be true.'"

"If it's not something they were expecting, then more than likely it was a scam."

Sgt. D.M. Hampton, with Sherman police, says people will often believe a check like this is real because it came priority mail.
But he says that should be a red flag.

"They will spend that extra money because what they're fixing to get is pure profit for them."

If you do receive an unexpected check in the mail, Hampton says its best to shred it or report it to the Federal Trade Commission.
Guedea has filed a report with the FBI.

The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning against the app "LetGo" advising people to be aware of scams like this one.