Sherman woman's two German Shepherds shot, killed days apart in yard

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - A Sherman woman is searching for answers after her two German Shepherds were killed just two days apart.

"Two dogs, two days, back to back."

Dawn Goshorn went outside her Sherman home off West Houston Street Saturday to feed her two German Shepherds, Sandor and Reagan.

"Sandor was laying by the gate," Goshorn said. "He was gone. I didn't understand why, maybe it was the heat or something, he was sensitive that day."

He was dead, unexpectedly-- a shock for her healthy two-year-old dog. But it only got worse.

"Monday night, I got a phone call that Reagan was missing."

She began searching for her other dog.

"I found her in the backyard laying up against the fence," Goshorn said. "And she was also gone."

Goshorn took Reagan to the emergency vet. They X-Rayed her and discovered she had died from a gunshot wound, just two weeks after Reagan had delivered their only puppy, Kaleb.

"This is what we have left of her," she said, cradling Kaleb.

Sherman police said they have no suspects.

"It's not a common occurrence," said Sherman Police Sgt. Brett Mullen. "Having two die like this under suspicious circumstances is not common in the city."

And Goshorn can't think of any reason someone would shoot her loving animals.

"I want it to stop, those were two amazing dogs. If they can do it to them, they can do this with anybody's pet," Goshorn said. "It's heartbreaking."

Goshorn wants to see justice for the person who took away her two babies.

"That's people family, and for me, that is my family."

Sherman police are asking for anybody with information to call them. The animal cruelty charge carries up to ten years in prison.

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