Skinhead documentary films appear to feature interim Colbert police chief

Published: Aug. 30, 2017 at 5:35 PM CDT
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It's been five days now since we broke the

of Colbert’s interim police chief's name tied to neo-Nazi websites.

We've now uncovered two different skinhead documentary films from the early 2000s that appear to show Bart Alsbrook of Denison.

When we found Bart Alsbrook's name linked to ISD Records and NS-88 videos -- two websites that sell media and memorabilia aimed at skinheads that immediately came down when we called Alsbrook about them - he claimed identity theft after skinheads stole his wallet at a concert in the 1990s.

We have now found video of a man who appears to be Alsbrook recorded around that time containing some startling revelations.

"I'll tell you today the skinhead movement is so strong."

This was the opening line from a man identified as "Bart" in a 2003 documentary called


He's filmed walking down Denison's Main Street.

Bart explains he's part of the international group called Blood and Honour, a group the Southern Poverty Law Center calls an international coalition of racist skinhead gangs and lists Bart Alsbrook as its Texas coordinator.

"Blood and Honour best expresses what I believe and how I want to do things," Bart says in the film.

In the documentary, Bart goes on to explain he's part of another group - Combat 18.

"C of course stands for Combat, and the numbers 18 is the first letter of the alphabet, One being A and the eighth letter of the alphabet being H. A-H which stands for Adolph Hitler, so when you draw it out it's Combat Adolph Hitler."

Bart closes out of this documentary by folding up the Blood and Honour flag.

The same Bart also appears in a follow up documentary, called

, directed by the same filmmaker, packing and mailing neo-Nazi books and movies to be shipped around the world.

"When we arrived he was transferring the old Kriegsberichter videos to DVD. I knew Bart. I’d already interviewed him in my last documentary, Skinhead Attitude. He has since created a veritable online propaganda enterprise distributing everything that is banned in Europe."

And Bart's contact with the international skinhead and neo-Nazi scene wasn't just online.

"My passport was filled with stamps from all around,” Bart is quoted in the movie. “It's almost like these missionaries that go to these other countries to spread the word of Christianity…that's almost what I do with Blood and Honour."

Since our story aired Friday, Alsbrook

he planned to resign both as chief and as a reserve officer.

But on Monday a city spokesman

they don't want him to leave because he hadn't done anything that would be grounds for dismissal and that Ashbrook is CLEET certified as a reserve officer.

Neither the City of Colbert or Alsbrook returned our calls seeking comment on this story.