Snap Map: a new feature that lets people see your exact location

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Stalking, harassing, or stealing— a new feature on Snapchat is bringing up all these possibilities for locals.

"Look out for the creeps!” said Jeffrey Hunter, who lives in Sherman.

"You could easily find people who could end up stalking you or harassing you or something, said Taylor Collings, a Collinsworth resident.

It's called Snap Map, and it allows your friends to see your location at all times.

"It's a little bit excessive for the daily social life," Hunter said.

The new feature is advertised to help people find their friends, but police are sending out a warning to locals who may not be aware of what the app can do.

"Be very careful about giving out information when you're home, especially if no one else is there. It could be that someone could break in your house and steal things,” warned Lt. Mike Eppler of the Denison Police Department.

The Snap Map opens up when users slide their thumbs to the middle of the screen. Your Bitmoji will pop up showing your exact location—down to the street.

"I didn't want any of my friends being able to tail me or find out where I am at all times,” said Collings about turning off the Snap Map feature.

Despite the controversy, locals said they won't stop snapping.

“I use Snapchat 24/7. It’s unreal—it’s all I use,” Collings said.

To turn off the Snap Map feature, simply go into your Snapchat settings and turn on Ghost Mode, which makes your emoji disappear.

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