Snapchat post about Native Americans causes controversy

DURANT, OK. (KXII)-- A Snapchat post has caused a lot of controversy after one woman made racial comments about Native Americans.

In the post made by Jill White, she says, "My fake smile. Excited to go make sure a bunch of fat natives don't stroke out playing softball with no shoes or shirts on".

Yvonne Kendrick, a Durant resident said "I'm kind of appalled that someone would even say that".

Yvonne is just one of the people who saw this snap chat photo that was posted to Facebook over the weekend.

And it's not just Choctaws who are upset.

Shirley Lyons said, "I don't think these people deserve that Native Americans or not".

According to Jill White's Facebook page she's a registered nurse at the Choctaw Nation.

She was headed to work the softball game during the Choctaw Labor Day Festival when that photo was taken.

"Social media amplified those voices and it became headlines where otherwise it would have been ignored and we would have been silenced".

Summer Wesley is a tribal attorney and community advocate within the Choctaw Nation.

She says she is not surprised by the social media post and said these kind of comments are quite common.

"Anyone who spends so much time in Southeastern Oklahoma knows that attitude is common unfortunately", according to Wesley.

Attempts were made to call Jill White, but we got no response.
The Choctaw Nation wouldn't confirm if she had been terminated.

Choctaw Nation spokesperson Lisa Reed told said, "we are aware of the situation and it is being handled appropriately", but would not elaborate.