Some parents upset with school's moment of silence

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KINGSTON, Okla. (KXII)-- Some parents are upset by a moment of silence they call too political, coinciding with a National Student walkout Wednesday.

National Student Walkout was trending on social media Wednesday, students all across the country walking out of their classrooms to bring attention to gun control at schools in the wake of the Parkland, Florida Shooting. But at Kingston High School, the administration had a different idea that some aren't too happy with."

"School is not a place for politics." Parent Erick Wyatt said.

Wyatt says he was upset when his daughter told him they were made to discuss gun control at school following a moment of silence Wednesday.

"For some people, that might not have been an issue at all," Wyatt said. "For other people, depending on their views, just bringing up gun control issues at all is a major issue for those people."

But the school says that discussion never took place.

"Everything we did this morning was positive," Kingston High School Principal Brenda Foster said. "I wanted to give our students and staff, and myself, a chance to go out, all be together, and like I said, show our respect."

Coinciding with walkouts across the country, Foster says they had a moment of silence to honor those who lost their lives in school shootings, and to reflect on being kind to one another.

"Anytime you can bring your students and staff together and have that unity, I feel like that's important," Foster said. "It shows students we care, and it allows them to show they care too."

Student Kayli Bolay says the experience was amazing.

"I was proud to hear Kingston give us that opportunity." Bolay said.

Wyatt's daughter wouldn't speak with us, but Bolay says politics never came up.

"It just touched my heart," Bolay said. "And just during that moment of silence, you just gotta be so thankful that you have your life here, and it can be taken away at any moment."

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