Soper foster parents who couldn't have kids adopt twins

DURANT, Okla. (KXII) - A Soper couple who couldn't have kids became parents Wednesday.

And an identical set of twins, without anyone to care for them, got a forever home.

"I think when we stop and think about it, and really get to feel our emotions, it's emotional," said Jakus Hull.

Wednesday afternoon, Jakus and Kacy Hull officially grew from a family of two to a family of four.

"We have been foster parents to them for 18 months," Kacy said.

For about two years, they were unable to conceive, so they changed directions.

They became foster parents through the Choctaw Nation, who work with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

"We decided that we would use our lives and position our lives to help the lives of people in need and children in need," Jakus said.

In the past year and half, five children have lived in their house at different times, including these two.

Tobias and Thaddeus are identical twins, and were the first foster children to come live with the Hull's.

"They were exposed to drugs in utero, and they were born prematurely," Jakus said.

Jakus said the newborn twins were healthy, but had nowhere to go.

"They stayed at the hospital for several weeks without anybody caring for them other than nurses," Jakus said.

The twins came to live with the Hull's through the foster care system, which comes with monthly meetings with case workers, DHS home studies, background checks and a subsidy of $532 per month per child.

After a year and a half, they were able to adopt the baby boys.

"Heartache gets to end with them. They get to experience love, they get to experience grace and discipline," Jakus said.

The papers were signed in the courtroom Wednesday, but to the Hull's, they've always been a family.

"They've kind of been our kids ever since we brought them home at three weeks old. Now they just have our last name, which is really awesome," Kacy said.

The Hull's are writing a book and have a podcast about changing the perception of foster care.