Southeast Sherman street still closed for repairs after two years

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Back in June 2015, heavy rain collapsed the road leading into a Sherman neighborhood, but two years later, that street is still not repaired.

The city said the funding has continued to fall through to replace it, but neighbors said they're done waiting.

"We've been waiting for some years now for things to happen," Latasha Babb said, whose grandma Linda Southern lives on the street.

The "road closed" barricades has been right outside Linda Southern's door on Lake Street in Sherman for more than two years. Not only does this block off her and her neighbors' direct route to the city, but also poses a safety risk.

"My husband was seriously ill," Southern said.

"Before he passed, he had a heart attack and we had to call for an ambulance, and it took longer for them to get here because of the route they had to take to get to the house," Babb said.

These women said the road going unfixed for two years is just a representation of a larger issue.

"The older parts of Sherman go by the wayside," Babb said.

"Build any kind of store down here, we need a park over here for the kids to play, there's a lot of kids over here," Southern said.

"We thrive as a community together, if we're building up one, we need to build up the other," Babb said.

Back in October, the city told News 12 they were working to restore the street by rebuilding and connecting it to Park Street, but the barricades are in the same spot they were eight months ago.

The reason: money. The city has applied for funds through FEMA and got rejected. Then they tried getting money from the state, but that never came through either.

"It's been kind of frustrating to see that funding evaporate and now we are looking at other ways to do it," Nate Strauch with the city of Sherman said.

Now they hope to have the design done by the end of summer. They will then need to find the funding.

"Fix something, to show us that they care," Southern said.

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