Southern Oklahoma sees flurries of snow

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII)-- Carter County saw some snow flurries earlier Thursday afternoon.

"It came in all of a sudden, and its cold." Ardmore resident Bryce Shearing said.

Following falling temperatures and increasing winds all day, Ardmore saw its first snow flurries just after three in the afternoon.

"Well, that's Oklahoma honey, you never know what you're going to get here." Ardmore resident Fran Allison said.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is warning residents to be prepared for slick roads, especially on bridges or overpasses which freeze first.

"People sometimes panic," O.H.P Lieutenant Shelby Humphrey said. "They may hit a bridge that feels slick, so they apply their brakes real hard, and typically what that'll do is make you lose control of your vehicle."

Which is why Humphrey encourages drivers to stay home instead.

"If they can avoid getting out in it, that would be the best option. Just stay home if you can," Humphrey said. "If you have to get out into the weather on the roadway, our advice would be to plan for a little extra time, slow down."

And finally, with these low temperatures, he says to be prepared in case you become stranded.

"Have some type of plan," Humphrey said. "Your cell phones charged, water in your car, extra clothing or blankets for warmth..."

Shearing and Allison plan on following his earlier advice.

"[I am] getting home, and staying home," Shearing said. "Going to build a fire in the fireplace, and stay there."

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